The Weathermen

Mission #43460-7

Aether Retrieval

Beatrice Carter and her Frost Shepherds stole a piece of equipment from the Weathermen base. This equipment, known as the Aether Shuttle, is capable of producing ionization in the atmosphere affecting up to 100 miles in diameter. This produces a temporary highly conductive field. The device was still under development when stolen. In its finished form, the device has the capability to initiate thunderstorms and potentially lightening strikes. In the right hands, targeted bolts could become a reality.

Your mission is to track Carter and locate the device. If possible, retrieve the Aether Shuttle and return it home. Otherwise, forward your information to Susan, and she will arrange a retrieval team. We have tracked Carter’s vessel to Anadyr, Russia. Your team departs at 0500 via the Lady of Mists to this location.


aceyj87 aceyj87

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